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Vulnerability and Security Assessments

A Vulnerability and Security Assessment is an excellent way to evaluate your existing security posture and a great first step to take prior to making security improvements at your facility or when trying to solve a specific security problem.

During a Vulnerability and Security Assessment, all aspects of your facilities’ security are examined, any weaknesses are identified, and suggestions for security improvements are provided. In addition, opportunities where costs can be reduced or where security operations can be made more efficient are identified.

Access Control Systems

Whether you are looking to control who has entry to and area, your building or your property and when; or verifying employee tardiness and non-productive behavior, TEN-66 can provide an access control system to meet your needs. Utilizing the latest technology in integrated photo badging, digital video, telephone entry, and more we can install a system that provides measurable ROI based on reduction in crime, thefts, and vadalism or an increase in employee productivity.

Video Surveillance Systems

IP Camera Solutions

TEN-66 specializes in large and difficult terrain installations where cabling for a surveillance system becomes a budget-busting proposition. Our installations leverage the latest in wireless and IP camera technology to provide video surveillance on properties that our competitors can’t address because it would be cost prohibitive.  More importantly, the quality of the camera images and the low-latency streaming make the system appear to be wired not wireless.


In many applications, CCTV cameras and systems meet the requirements, both technical and budgetary, for the installation.  CCTV systems are now high-quality, high-reliability systems with little compromise.  And now, CCTV systems are available in both high-definition and broadcast quality resolutions.

Access Control Integrated with Video Cameras

By adding video camera surveillance to access controlled entry, you are able to add-on another efficient and effective layer of security. Video cameras give security personnel the ability to check the face of the person using the card to gain entry against the picture of the person the card was issued to make sure that they match. If they match, the security personnel can grant access, if not then access can be denied. This eliminates the use of cards that have been loaned out or stolen and thus stops unauthorized entry. And with digital video recording have time-stamped, searchable, high-quality images of every person entering the property.

Existing System Upgrades

You may have an existing surveillance and/or access control system that you would like to add to, upgrade or replace on your property. TEN-66 is able to conduct site surveys, develop plans and install the equipment that you need to improve or replace your current system and provide you with the peace of mind that you desire.


Many businesses already have a video surveillance system installed but have found their image quality to be poor (they can’t really tell for sure if a crime is happening or clearly identify who the perpetrator is after the fact), their systems require a great deal of maintenance or they would like to have remote intruder alerts or remote access to their system via their smart phone or internet connected computer/tablet. Some simply may feel that the current number of installed cameras do not provide the coverage they want. TEN-66 is able to conduct site surveys, develop plans and install the equipment that you need to improve or replace your current system and provide you with the peace of mind that every business desires.