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Don’t Be Surprised If…

Once you’ve made the decision to install a video surveillance system, have selected a vendor, reviewed and accepted their proposed system design and had your system installed, don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting more.

Whether you own a restaurant, business or multi-family apartments, it is not uncommon to expand upon the initial video surveillance system that was installed.Unforeseen events in the business as well as the actual use of the system often highlight the need for additional cameras, overlap of coverage or higher performance cameras for special applications.

Working with an experienced video surveillance designer and security expert can help reduce the amount of system additions that are required but the reality is that you will probably add to or modify the capabilities of your system after it is installed.

What are the most common changes? Adding cameras, increasing night-vision performance and increasing video storage are system modifications that are frequently desired.

To reduce the additional cost of modifications here are a few hints. 1) Whether CCTV or IP, have additional cable pulled during the initial installation – this will simplify the addition of cameras if needed. Be sure your recording device (DVR, NVR or server) has room for expansion. If a CCTV system needs two additional cameras and the 16 port DVR is full, then a 32 port DVR will need to replace the 16 – this can be really expensive. If higher demands will be put on the review / recording of events, consider installing an IP system first instead of upgrading later. While IP systems are marginally more expensive than CCTV, the 20% or so that you spend now is significantly less than a total system upgrade if needed.

When working with your surveillance expert, be sure to discuss system expansion, additional cameras and the possibility of increased coverage and performance when your system is easily installed so you are not surprised down the road.