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Leveraging IP Technology in Cameras

Businesses who are considering a better surveillance solution may hear the term IP camera from time to time. Of course, if they are not well versed in surveillance technology, they may have no idea what this term actually means. IP stands for “Internet protocol”, which are cameras that make use of networks and the web. Think of these cameras as each being a smart computer attached to a node on a network – offering exceptional performance benefits and features over traditional CCTV cameras.

These cameras are actually a great option for many facilities and businesses that may want to leverage existing network cabling.  Additionally, IP cameras support wireless protocols which benefit sites that may have some challenges with traditional installations utilizing cable.

Another of the reasons that so many companies are choosing this option is that IP surveillance systems have the potential to be very cost effective – especially over large areas or difficult terrains. Without all of the wiring, it can be a faster installation as well.

One of the misnomers about IP cameras is that they have poor resolution. In fact, that is not the case. The quality of the images that one can receive via an IP camera is superior to CCTV cameras even over wireless networks. This type of system could be a good solution for your company’s security needs.

Because of the sophistication of the technology,  it is quite important that you make sure the surveillance or security company you rely on is one that is well versed in IP and wireless and can train personnel at your company to use and run the system properly.